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Welcome to RaceTracker. Look for the tour compass symbol for information about RaceTracker as you move through the site.

To begin the tour, go to the My Results page.

How Much Does Racetracker Cost?

Absolutely nothing. Racetracker is free for individual athletes.

What can RaceTracker do?

Track and compare your results for all your races: running, triathlon, or duathlon. You can even record your training sessions or results from a competitor. It's up to you.

Keep ALL your race results in one place and track your progress over time! Graphically compare your results for as many races as you want.

Percentile Finish
See how you finished against others in your age group, gender (runners only) and overall.
Race Pace
See your race pace vs world record (runners only) or elite pace (tri & du athletes) for any race distance.
Performance Factor (PF)
A RaceTracker exclusive measurement based on your race pace & distance plus a built-in difficulty factor for each particular race*.
Compare your performance against other races of similar distances.
Triathletes / Duathletes
Break out your results for either swim, bike or run for single or multiple races.
Show percentile finish, race pace or PF for single or multiple races.
See a complete summary of all your races in one table.
runner Runners
Measure all the above plus predict your Marathon time based on your 5k, 10k or Half Marathon results.

To see just how a typical RaceTracker member's results might look, take the Tour - all the numbers on the tour are real, from an actual athlete's actual running & triathlon results. To start the tour begin with the My Results page.

*for selected triathlons only